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A Message From Our CEO


April 2, 2020

Dear Valued Customer and Partner,

It is a very unsettling time in our world, and each day brings new issues that we must address with urgency and earnestness. As the CEO of REV Group, my foremost priority is to ensure the safety, health, and wellbeing of our more than 8,000 employees. Our employee health and safety procedures strictly support each employee’s right to stop work, or refuse to start work, that places them or their co-workers at imminent risk for a serious injury or illness. As our nation became more aware of coronavirus, our company began implementing directives to limit the potential exposure to COVID-19 and we continue to follow the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control’s guidance to maintain a virus-free work environment. Some of the steps we have taken include:

  • Employee travel ban
  • Rescheduling workflow to maintain social distancing
  • Limited movement of employees within facilities
  • Restricted visitation to company locations
  • Increased distribution of sanitizers and enhanced cleaning procedures
  • Work from home policies for individuals who can perform their duties remotely
  • Weekly COVID-19 informational updates including self-diagnosis instructions
  • Self-quarantine for anyone feeling ill regardless of symptoms

We formed a COVID-19 taskforce that meets daily to review our status and carry out directives and I want to thank them and all our employees for their commitment and solidarity.

The employees and partners of REV Group have a close and personal connection with the first responders contending with coronavirus. Our ambulances and fire apparatus are on the frontline of this crisis. Fire departments and ambulance services are being dispatched to treat and transport patients with coronavirus, as well as responding to the many other calls for fires, accidents and critical care needs. Their dedication to serve deserves our heartfelt thanks. I also want to thank all the medical professionals and care givers in hospitals, nursing centers, and clinics who are caring for the sick. Like many companies, our employees have loved ones working in the medical fields and our thoughts are with them to remain safe.

REV Group also builds vehicles critical to the nation’s transportation infrastructure. Our transit and shuttle buses are helping workers get to their destinations to keep our nation operational and enabling citizens who rely on public transportation to get their groceries, prescriptions and other staple supplies. Our terminal trucks play an integral role in moving food and supplies through the distribution systems. We are grateful to the men and women who are putting REV vehicles to work to serve our country and other nations around the world, and I am especially proud of the employees at REV who continue to build and supply our vehicles in a time of need.

The impact of COVID-19 is far reaching, and we are working closely with our suppliers and customers to adjust our businesses accordingly. How states are responding to coronavirus differs throughout the country and we are addressing these specific circumstances on a local level to ensure we are as close as possible to each situation. We operate 33 facilities in 17 states, plus a facility in Brazil and I want to thank all the REV employees for their resolve under these stressful times.

We will continue to evaluate our circumstances daily and will act swiftly and safely. As news and events occur, we will continue to share updates through Twitter (@revgroupinc) and Facebook (@REVGroupInc) and our website.

I wish for you and your families to be healthy and safe.

Be safe,

Rod Rushing CEO REV Group - Signature



Rodney N. Rushing
President and CEO