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Collins Low-Floor Bus Introduction

BY REV Group
August 3rd, 2017



MILWAUKEE — REV Group the launch of Collins’ first-in-class low-floor school bus in July during the School Transportation News Conference & Trade Show in Reno, Nev. Celebrating Collins’ 50th anniversary this year, along with a legacy of innovation, the new Collins Bus low-floor design delivers unparalleled benefits with respect to safety and equal accessibility. It changes the landscape and culture of transporting students with disabilities and special needs.

Industry-first features include:

  • Skip the lift and multiple steps: This new bus empowers students to board on their own through the same door as all the other students — at the front of the bus. The absence of a lift also decreases down-bus time … no more mechanical lift issues. Additionally, passengers that utilize a support device (i.e. walker) can now board on their own.
  • Time is money: With the flip of a switch, the bus driver can deploy the low-profile ramp in SECONDS, vs. the minutes that it takes to deploy and re-stow a lift. When not in use, the ramp is hidden in the floor and becomes the only step necessary to board the bus — only 9” from the ground.
  • Multiple floorplans: Collins offers a number of bus floorplans, designed with maximum flexibility as needs change. Additional seats can be added or more space can be freed up to accommodate more wheelchairs.
  • Front-wheel drive: Bus drivers want to be in control, and with the fuel-efficient, front-wheel driver RAM ProMaster, they now have better control in snowy and icy conditions. The RAM ProMaster also features a tighter turning radius with a car-like feel.
  • As always, Collins delivers SAFETY: With 50 years of innovation and a legacy of safety, Collins will be here today, tomorrow and in the future, protecting what counts — your students.

“The new Collins Bus low-floor product is a continuation of our commitment to developing innovative solutions for the school bus industry that increase student and driver safety,” said Collins General Manager Matt Scheuler. “As the leader in Type A school buses, we are proud to offer a solution that provides equal accessibility to all passengers. It is simply the right thing to do for the industry."

John Walsh, President of the REV Group Bus Division, further emphasized, “Ever since the low-floor design was conceptualized internally we have been looking forward to this day. The enthusiasm and acceptance it has generated over the past week has been overwhelming from every segment of the industry from every corner of North America. As we move into full-scale production later this year, we will continue to fine tune our design with the welcomed feedback we have received. We told the industry, `This is your bus – tell us what you need!' and they have responded . . . it has been a very collaborative venture.”

Collins offers a complete line of buses, including School Buses, Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSABs), Commercial Buses, Day Care Buses and Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs in lieu of vans and SUVs).