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BY Todd Kamp
August 31st, 2017



REV Group brand, Collins Bus, is set to unveil the companies’ first-ever low-floor commercial bus in September during the BusCon Expo in Indianapolis, IN. Continuing a 50-year tradition of delivering the market’s most innovative and safety-focused buses, Collins’ new low-floor commercial bus design takes the companies unmatched quality in the school bus market and brings it to the commercial sector.

Focused on providing wheelchair users with accessibility to and from school, Collins will now offer the same for passengers across the country. By replicating the successful approach towards their school bus designs, including the recently-launched Low-Floor School Bus, Collins sees a similar approach to their commercial line as a natural evolution of the development process.

Most notably, the Collins low-floor commercial bus carries over the same structural design found on their school buses, while still managing to provide the look and feel of a traditional commercial unit. “We’ve been uniform with what we build at Collins. When you buy from us, the structural designs are consistent, and there are no one-off elements. This enables a high-quality vehicle which can be produced consistently,” said Collins General Manager, Matt Scheuler.

As a result of Collins’ streamlined process, each new commercial low-floor bus is able to feature the innovations and quality components for which Collins is known. This includes body sections, windows, panels, end caps and the A/C system, as well as stand out features, such as their integrated in-floor storage and cab-to-body transition elements.

Passenger Safety Remains Collins’ Primary Focus

Utilizing the same high-quality processes during each commercial low-floor bus build also enables the Collins team to keep a sharp focus on passenger well-being. “Safety is our biggest focus. While safety is certainly a focus when transporting students in our school buses, it’s just as important to us that we safely transport anyone traveling in our low-floor commercial buses,” Scheuler said.

During next month’s BusCon event, September 11-13, the low-floor commercial prototype is set to appear on the show floor. Attendees will be able to explore the bus design first-hand, submit quotes for purchasing, and pursue selling opportunities.

The Low-Floor Commercial Bus is expected to begin full production in late November of 2017, and become available for sale in early December. Passengers should anticipate seeing the new bus design in operation beginning 2018, and beyond.

In addition to their Commercial Buses, Collins Bus delivers a full lineup of buses to choose from, including School Buses, Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSABs), Daycare Buses, Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs), and Low-Floor Bus floorplans.