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Ferrara Pumper Record

BY REV Group
June 15th, 2017



For more than 60 years, Guinness World Records has strived “to make the amazing official,” and REV Group’s newest brand acquisition and fire truck manufacturer, Ferrara Fire Apparatus, has officially been among the amazing since 2015. 

The Ferrara Inundator Super Pumper set the Guinness World Record for the Highest Pumping Capacity Fire Engine on March 31, 2015 by reaching a UL-verified flow rate of 5,492 gallons per minute (GPM) while drafting water from a nearby source. Perhaps more amazing, though, this super pumper fire truck can reach flow rates of 10,000-plus GPM from a pressurized source, giving it a 500-plus-foot horizontal stream making it the go-to apparatus among industrial fire departments for refinery and petro chemical fires. 

(Soon though, we’ll share some exciting super pumper municipal news, straight from New York City featuring the use of Mobile Pump Units and Hydraulic Submersible Pumps.)  

But back to records …

As the most aggressive attack pumper ever built, the Ferrara Inundator was the first-ever apparatus to be fitted with the new High Velocity Pump from US Fire Pump, the largest NFPA 1901 fire pump in the world. Exclusive to Ferrara, this fire pump’s design optimizes water flow thanks to a larger suction inlet, as well as discharge outlet. Competing pumps usually only deliver a maximum 2,000 GPM. Customers can also find the High Velocity Pump on Ferrara’s other super pumper products, creating the perfect arsenal for fighting large fires with the same industry-best flow rate and pumping capacity.

In addition to the Inundator, the Ferrara Super Pumper lineup features …

The Skyflow SP-100, a 100-foot aerial ladder truck that can flow 5,000-plus GPM from aerial discharge. And like the Inundator, the Skyflow can reach nearly 10,000 GPM from a pressurized source. Additional hazards can be suppressed with Skyflow’s dual 2,000 GPM rear monitors — all the while flowing the aerial waterway. 

Meanwhile, the Inundator SP-85 Boom features an 85-foot, three-section articulating Schwing boom for the best in stream placement. With an 8” aerial waterway, this super pumper can reach flow rates of 4,000 GPM from draft and 8,000 GPM from a pressurized source, or crews can fight the fire from two rear decks, each with a 2,000 GPM flow. 

So, when you’re looking for a world-class pumper, look to the Ferrara Fire Apparatus’ super pumpers that not only deliver versatility but deliver world-record feats.