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Hudson Bus Sales Testimonial

BY REV Group
May 18th, 2017



The list of bus manufacturers Brad Hudson could sway his prospects into was long. Over the span of 15 years in bus sales, Hudson was challenged with the daunting task of representing buses of similar make and model from competing manufactures.  Finally, Hudson tired of this business model, and with a hunger to better serve his customers, he opened his own Texas dealership in January of 2015 — Hudson Bus Sales

His goal — to be an expert and advocate for only the best makes and models and to align himself with a strategic partner who shared the same vision.

Hudson knew he liked selling the Collins line, and REV’s other bus brands were just as reputable, so he decided to become a REV-exclusive dealer committed to Collins, Champion, ElDorado, Goshen, Federal and Krystal — a decision he’s discovered has a long list of benefits thanks to REV Solutions, REV Group’s industry-leading support that includes financial services, insurance solutions, employee benefits, service support and much more. 

Recently, the dealership turned to REV Solutions to take care of its property and casualty insurance broker needs, and next year, the Hudson team plans to leverage REV’s employee benefits program.

“The REV Solutions team was responsive to our needs,” said Sherri Phillippe, Hudson Bus Business Manager. “And in fact, they helped us discover a hole in our open lot coverage. The past underwriter didn’t understand Texas weather and the coverages we would need, which left a gap in our past plan. The REV team went over the policy with a fine-tooth comb, found errors and omissions, and worked through it all.”

The Cleburne, Texas dealership is also taking advantage of the REV’s dealer floorplan financing program through REV Financial Solutions™. With the help of REV Solutions, Hudson Bus Sales has established a $4 million Wells Fargo line of credit with and interest free window that has allowed Hudson to introduce several floorplans he typically wouldn’t take on, he said.

“With that window, we’re able to order a stock unit, demo it at a show, create some sales, and all without burning through a lot of interest,” Hudson said.

And Hudson is already touting the new REV / Ryder vehicle maintenance partnership on his website, proud that he can offer his customers national support at more than 400 locations.

Like Hudson, Phillippe has been in the industry a long time, and with 16 years in the business, she says REV is an anomaly.

“I’ve never seen anyone come to the table with so many services, nor have I ever worked with a manufacturer in the way I work with REV,” she said. “What REV is doing is revolutionary, and we couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

Hudson agreed. “With all that REV has going, working with this company was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.” 


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