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Vehicle Manufacturer is Now Your Financial Partner

BY REV Group
March 8th, 2018


REV Group offers affordable and flexible financing options via REV Financial Services

REV Financial Services offers affordable and flexible financing on its diverse lineup of REV Bus and coach lines. Equipment and vehicles can be acquired with no down payment thanks to REV Financial Services, which means companies no longer have to dip into traditional bank lines of credit to finance important purchases. Cash can be kept for growth projects and REV Financial Services can provide the capital.

Amanda Carter, National Sales Manager for REVs Shuttle, School Bus & Coaches said, “we are offering competitive rates, where customers can take advantage of varied financing options and flexible payment schedules. The financial products can even be structured to help customers compensate for seasonal business flow. At REV Financial Services, products are structured to put customers in control, and help get new buses on the road quickly.”

“Now is the time to take advantage of financing options based on where interest rates stand,” said Carter. “The Fed forecast in December that it would raise rates three times in 2018, just as it did in 2017. Fed officials say stronger growth is fortifying those intentions, and the next rate increase is expected in March.” (

Numerous options are available. REV Financial Services is providing financing for all types of customers. Programs that fit type A credits through type D. The application approval process is quite fast with the ‘quick credit decision,’ usually taking twenty-four hours or less in loan amounts of up to $250k. Other finance programs include no down payment options, as well as start-up programs.

Other menu items of finance products offered are TRAC leases, customizable Fair Market Value (FMV) leases where customers can simply operate the bus during the term and turn it in at lease end, and other programs such as the $1.00 Lease Purchase, and Municipal solutions which offer tax exempt lease purchases.
Additional options available are short term solutions when daily, weekly and monthly rental options are needed; along with twelve to eighty-four-month lease / loan term programs. All with flexible payment schedules including skip and seasonal payment structures.

Depending on the type of financial options a customer is looking for, REV Financial Services has the solution. For more information on REV Financial Services go to