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BY REV Group
October 20th, 2016

If you ever walked past an idling ambulance, you may have wondered why the driver didn’t turn off the engine to conserve fuel or reduce emissions. The answer — an ambulance is a moving medical unit. Defibrillators, electrocardiograms and other medical devices must be charged and ready at a moment’s notice, and certain medicines need to be stored in a refrigerator. Idling also keeps electronic components, like the ambulance’s communication radios, interior lights, security systems and onboard computers running.

Unfortunately, when a crew keeps an ambulance idling to perform these tasks, the vehicle burns about 1.5 gallons of fuel and puts the equivalent of 35-50 miles of wear-and-tear on the engine per hour. Multiply that by an estimated 50,000 ambulances in service in the United State and that’s a lot of wasted fuel, not to mention engine wear that leads to maintenance costs and overall reduction in vehicle service life.

Until now. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Stealth Power entered into partnership with REV Ambulance Group this year to offer idle reduction technology on select emergency vehicles. REV’s Stealth Power EMS Units supply electrical power to mission-essential ambulance systems, minimizing the amount of time vehicle operators must idle their engines.

These 20- or 30-amp units allow ambulances to operate systems, like HVAC, lighting, surveillance and communication systems, without the use of engines or generators. The units can also jumpstart an ambulance, and once the ambulance is put into service, the vehicle’s alternator recharges the Idle Reduction Pack. And since the Stealth Power system operates quietly, noise pollution is also reduced, decreasing overall vehicle vibration.

The cost savings are substantial. Several EMS and fire departments, like New York City (FDNY); Austin-Travis County, Texas; and Springfield, Missouri, have already added Stealth Power-equipped vehicles to their fleets, and hospital systems, like New York’s Northwell Health and Jersey City’s Barnabas Health, have implemented Stealth Power.

The adoption of Stealth Power EMS Units in REV emergency vehicles demonstrates our confidence in this idle reduction technology, as well as our commitment to a healthier and cleaner environment. To learn more about Stealth Power, visit our REV ambulance industry page to learn more about our brands and their offerings.