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BY REV Group
December 14th, 2015


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As we close both fiscal and calendar year 2015, we can reflect on some very formidable accomplishments  we were able to achieve this past year.

First and foremost, we transformed our company from Allied Specialty Vehicles (ASV) to REV Group. This was not just a name change, it is a complete new beginning!

We restructured our company to begin to coalesce around our main divisions of Commercial, Fire and Emergency, and Recreational Vehicles. By integrating and streamlining several redundant functions, we have not only made our company more efficient, but we believe we have positioned ourselves to better compete in the various markets we serve.

In addition to transforming our corporate and divisional structures, we also transformed our product offerings in each division. Over the years, as more companies and products were added to the REV portfolio of companies, it became necessary to rationalize our product offerings. This was done to make certain that we are providing the most competitive products possible to our markets. It is important that our product offerings do not overlap. Simultaneously, it is critical that we position our product lines to address the maximum number of market opportunities. Clear product identity and precise market segmentation lead to a much more efficient and profitable company.

REV also provides us with several new marketing opportunities to position ourselves better in the marketplace. The name itself connotes energy, capability, and speed! We plan to become much more visible in the market as we move into 2016 by promoting our brands in a more public manner. We plan to align ourselves with strategic partners that will not only enhance our commercial strength but moreover provide us with opportunities to promote our brands in a much more visible way. You will learn more about this as we begin 2016. I think you will be very pleased by how we are positioning our company for success.

Finally, we were also very successful in positioning our company to partake in other earnings opportunities in 2015. We established REV Finance to provide floor planning and retail leasing to our dealers and customers respectively. We invested in several software tools to significantly improve not only how our dealers and customers can order their vehicles but also how we will support them with parts and service after they purchase our vehicles. We established several REV Technical Centers (RTCs) to put us closer to our dealers and customers so that we can become true partners where they live and work. We believe all these new market initiatives will enhance our earnings potential but more importantly establish REV vehicles as the vehicles of choice in the markets we serve.

I think you will agree that we accomplished a great deal in 2015. Wait until you see what we have in store for 2016!