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E-ONE CBRN Vehicle

BY REV Group
January 12th, 2017


Custom HAZMAT vehicle will aid in cheimcal, biological, radioactive and nuclear rescue missions

E-ONE, one of REV Group’s leading manufacturers of fire apparatus and emergency vehicles, recently completed the design and build of a CBRN vehicle for delivery to China. The CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear) unit, popular among HAZMAT vehicles, was specifically engineered for quick-response teams in contamination incidents that involve chemical, biological, radioactive or nuclear substances.

Designed with a safe cabin to accommodate three people, the CBRN vehicle is a 17-foot combo rescue built on a four-door European chassis. The safe breathing room includes a positive pressure air filtration system that prevents contaminated air from getting into the cabin to safeguard occupants.

“The vehicle is designed to meet China’s CCC certification requirements. Our factory certified technician will conduct complete operator and maintenance training in China,” said Sam Itani, E-ONE Vice President International and Government Sales.

The CBRN incident vehicle is equipped with multiple compartments to carry the necessary equipment for HAZMAT detection and decontamination, including gas and radiation detectors, a NBC decontamination HAZMAT patient kit and a portable HAZMAT decontamination shower.

CBRN rescues are custom built on various chassis. An 18-foot combo rescue has also been designed on a 4×2 E-ONE chassis that includes a custom medical cab to meet CBRN incident response with the same safe cabin and positive pressure air filtration system. For further information on E-ONE’s rescue products and incident command vehicles, visit