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Goldshield Fiberglass

BY REV Group
May 4th, 2017



The robotic arm swept back and forth, up and down, and back again with precise, programmed movements, coating the mold of the truck hood with multiple layers of resin and fiberglass. In this sheltered bay, the end-result looked like the work of a robotic spider, spinning an intricate web of strength — fiberglass strands woven together to create quality products that some of the nation’s biggest brands build behind day after day.

Welcome to Goldshield Fiberglass, REV Group’s sole fiberglass company, nestled in Decatur, Ind. While Goldshield does indeed produce its fair share of fiberglass caps for REV Recreation Group’s nearby 180-acre motorhome manufacturing campus, as well as other Indiana RV manufacturers, this 35-year-old fiberglass company has long been a key partner to Daimler Trucks, GE Healthcare and other national brands. 

With a 260,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art ISO certified facility packed with robotic technologies, Goldshield is the perfect partner to handle medium- to large-volume production of large-scale parts. And at the same time, Goldshield is one of few national fiberglass manufacturers that can produce complex components thanks to a second facility dedicated to small-cell production. It’s here at Goldshield’s 19-acre campus, where we set the gold standard in custom fiberglass.

Here’s a look at some of the many offerings Goldshield provides:

Goldshield’s mold tooling

Utilizing their talented, experienced mold shop team, Goldshield can quickly turn any design into a production mold thanks to its relationship with multiple, national pattern builders. These polyester molds can be constructed for prototype applications, or master molds can be created to handle consistent, high-volume production. These tooling services, combined with open mold techniques, allow clients to prototype Phase I parts with minimal tooling costs.  

The open mold process — transforming liquid into solid materials

Once the mold has been created, customers look to Goldshield for their open mold needs because this Indiana facility can handle large-scale parts, like motorhome caps, UPS components and semi-truck hoods. Once the gel coat has been applied to the mold, Goldshield utilizes the most effective process to create consistent, high-quality parts via either hand lay-up, hand spray-up or robotic spray and chop fiberglass application. A team of Goldshield employees, many with decades of experience, then hand roll each part to remove air bubbles in even the tiniest of crevices.

Goldshield’s value-added services

Aside from being one of the nation’s few fiberglass facilities to offer robotic technologies, Goldshield prides itself on other differentiators, like using custom “nests” and fixtures designed for each component to ensure holes are cut with precision and pieces are assembled with the tightest of tolerances. Goldshield also offers primer paint services, a bake-oven finish and mild assembly of components, like bracketry, headlights, wire-harnesses and “B” side reinforcements. 

Goldshield’s resin transfer molding process

Goldshield’s RTM Light process offer customers a closed-mold solution that matches two molds together, creating a cavity lined with fiberglass blankets that is then injected with the resin, sometimes with the assistance of a vacuum. The result — dual-sided smooth components with uniform thickness that does not require open mold’s roll-out process. The resin transfer molding process is ideal for high volume, technical parts requiring a smooth “B” side.

Goldshield markets served

Goldshield prides itself on its 99.8% on-time delivery rating to all markets it serves. From vehicles components to medical equipment, from agricultural solutions to environmental devices, you’ll find quality with Goldshield — what could become the very fiber of your product. Have a part or component you need produced? Please call Goldshield Fiberglass at 260-728-2476 to begin your custom process.