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Fiberglass body parts and custom components

A leader among fiberglass manufacturers, REV Group delivers custom fiberglass body parts, especially to the vehicle industry.

From fiberglass hoods to fiberglass fenders, from fiberglass components to fiberglass roofing, REV delivers custom-mold composite products.

Among the industry’s leading fiberglass manufacturers:



REV’S world-class manufacturing facilities span the United States, covering more than 4 million sq. ft. of space. Located in Decatur, Indiana, REV’s manufacturing footprint focuses on operational excellence at its Goldshield Fiberglass facility.


Four reasons to choose REV’s fiberglass body parts:

Robotic technologies: Innovation plays a major part in REV’s fiberglass offerings. We use state-of-the-art robotic technology and collaborate with top companies to ensure our fiberglass body parts meet your OEM needs.

Made in America: REV fiberglass body parts are made in America, proudly manufactured in Decatur, Indiana. Vehicle manufacturers can know that our fiberglass hoods, fenders, skirts and more are made with the skill and precision of American workers.


Four reasons to choose REV’s fiberglass body parts:

Fiberglass body parts … and more: Not only does REV create fiberglass body parts for the bus, truck, recreation and specialty vehicle markets, but we also deliver custom-mold composite products for the medical, aquaculture and environmental industries.

Custom fiberglass parts: No matter your fiberglass need, Goldshield has the team to help you customize the part. From pattern development to production molds, Goldshield Engineering offers complete tooling packages to create master molds for almost any industry.