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BY REV Group
January 8th, 2019


As REV moves forward in building a Sustainability framework, we look forward to sharing our process, progress, and learnings with you. We’re motivated and are taking a strategic approach that will allow us to have a clear impact in areas that are most important.

Taking strategic action starts with identifying areas of need and opportunity – in our approach, this starts with a Materiality Assessment. On December 12, 2018, REV Group officially kicked off this journey with a Materiality Assessment Workshop. A cross-functional team consisting of internal staff from risk management, EHS, marketing, human resources, operations, engineering, research and development, supply chain, investor relations, and finance met in Milwaukee to develop a shared understanding of the materiality assessment process. This meeting helped to identify and prioritize what aspects of Sustainability are important to stakeholders and to REV’s business success as it relates to our overall impact on environmental, social, and governance issues.

This workshop was educational in nature, tasking our Sustainability team with an overall mission and providing structure on how to holistically think about Sustainability. The next step will be to evaluate each of the material aspects our team identified as having high significance according to REV stakeholders (which include customers, investors, dealers, employees, management, and the general public). This will involve surveying key stakeholders to understand their top areas of concern. The survey results will be used to complete a materiality assessment matrix (see examples at top and bottom of page). The aspects found in the upper right corner of the matrix will form the backbone of REV’s sustainability framework and help identify current initiatives and future opportunities. The culmination of the materiality assessment process will help to create the foundation for REV’s ongoing strategy and vision.

This Materiality Assessment is just the beginning. Striving each day to better our practices, products, and employee well-being, Sustainability is an important initiative for the entire REV team. Not only do our Sustainability efforts align with our commitment to Safety Always, they’re also a reminder that it’s important for a company of our size and reach “To Do the Right Thing First.” And, because Sustainability is an essential part of our customers’ lives—we’re proud to fuel every piece of our roadmap with passion, the need for change, and a refusal to settle for the status quo.