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BY REV Group
August 15th, 2018


As a supplier of specialty vehicles all across the globe, REV Group recognizes that protecting our communities is just as important as connecting them. That’s why REV Fire group has partnered with ZeroRPM to introduce a battery-powered idle mitigation system specifically engineered for our E-ONE, Ferrara, and KME brands. When it comes to emergency vehicles, one of the biggest wastes of fuel and energy is vehicle idling. This constant use of fuel doesn’t just have a financial impact, but an environmental one that we’ve taken upon ourselves to address with the help of ZeroRPM.

The ZeroRPM idle mitigation system is a revolutionary piece of technology that reduces carbon emissions by automatically switching off the fire truck’s chassis engine to power the warning lights, work lights, and scene lights for 30 minutes (or more) depending on amp draw and size of the battery module. Thanks to the ZeroRPM idle control system, fire departments who rely on E-ONE, KME, or Ferrara fire apparatus can reduce their fuel costs, excessive engine wear, scene noise, and promote cleaner air for the environment. Meanwhile, the system will provide operators with optional cab comfort (including A/C) that doesn’t require running the vehicle’s engine.

The benefits of the Idle Mitigation System include:

  • Completely silent operation
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • No required maintenance
  • Less frequent DPF regenerations due to reduced idling
  • Less power train wear thanks to reduced idle times
  • Power to an optional HVAC system to keep the cab cool for responders 

Jay Johnson, VP of Product Management, Marketing, & After-Market at REV Fire states, “By partnering with ZeroRPM, we are able to provide cities and counties with a proven sustainable approach for auxiliary power on the fire ground or during a rescue situation. The benefits are compelling, not only in terms of improved apparatus wear and firefighter comfort, but equally so with reduced emissions for the environment.”

In addition to inclusion in new fire apparatus vehicles, REV Parts is the exclusive provider of the ZeroRPM module. This will allow easy access to the system for any fire department, municipality, or end-user looking for ways to reduce fuel waste and emissions.

With the ZeroRPM system now a part of our REV Fire brands, we’re able to further our commitment to environmental responsibility. By never settling for the status-quo, this eco-friendly solution allows us to protect the planet while still ensuring emergency responders are able to do their jobs effectively. 

You can find the ZeroRPM system at the REV Parts Store, as well as learn more about the system at the REV ZeroRPM website.